Everyone can clamp onto nostalgia to feel good! Here are the dates and venues of the 1997 road show--which is gone but definitely not forgotten. Throw your Pulp Fiction soundtrack on, grab that afghan off the couch and curl your bellbottom-ed legs up to what can no longer hurt you, the past (unless you happen to be on a soap opera, in which case you're five months pregnant with your best friend's husband's sister's fiance's baby, in which case I can't help you.) We had a great time. You had a great time. You don't have to go see that useless '54' movie to feel this way.

To see the newest local sister spit dates, go to the local spit section.

July 1st
Santa Cruz, CA - Herland Bookcafe

July 2nd
Los Angeles, CA - Little Frieda's
3730 Santa Monica Blvd.
(310) 854 - 5421

July 3rd
Las Vegas, NV - Double Down Saloon

July 5th
Tucson, AZ - AKA Theater

July 7th
Austin, TX - Electric Lounge
302 Bowie Street
(512) 476 - 3873

July 8th
Houston, TX - Zocalo
5223 Feagan
(713) 861 - 2442

July 10th
New Orleans, LA - Rubyfruit Jungle

July 12
Atlanta, GA - The Red Light Cafe

July 13th
Athens, GA - Blue Sky Coffee

July 14th
Ashville, NC - The Green Door
Broadway Arts Building

July 16th
Charlottesville, VA - Tokyo Rose
2171 Ivy Road
(804) 979 - 0470 (contact person)

July 18th
Washington, D.C. - Lamma's Women's Books & More
July 19th
Baltimore, MD - Metropol Cafe & Gallery, 1713 North Charles St

July 20
Philadelphia, PA - William Way Center

July 22nd
New York, NY - P.S. 122

July 23
Brooklyn, NY - Rising Cafe

July 25th
Cambridge, MA - Upstairs At Ryle's

July 27th
Provincetown, MA - Lizard Lounge/Iguana Grill

July 31st
Buffalo, NY - Hallwalls
2495 Main Street
(716) 835 - 7362

August 2nd
Cleveland, OH - "The Nickel" 5 Cent Decision

August 3rd
Detroit, MI - Trumble Theater
4208 Trumble
(313) 831 - 6150

August 5th
Chicago, IL - The Bop Shop

August 6th
Chicago, IL - Thurston's

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