**Sugar Mamas Where Are You??!!**

Sister Spit is super-duper in need of some tax-deductible donations to help us get our ass in gear & the show on the road! Like last year, this year's tour is being put together without the help of grant money of bigwig corporate donations (hey, we don't want any Nike swooshticas on our pretty asses!). The tour is funded entirely by the proceeds of whatever spoken word and rock n roll shows we can dredge up, and the very gratefully accepted contributions of people like yourself. At this time, such donations are needed to buy a vehicle to replace the beloved OK Van which passed away on last years tour, to silk-screen T-shirts and zines to sell on the road (the proceeds of which will put food in our bellies and money in the tank), and to keep as an emergency fund in case our van happens to drop dead on a Friday night at midnight in the deep south. Yeah, lightening never strikes the same place twice, but we learned last year how important it is to have the cash to bail us out of emergency situations and let the show go on! No amount is too small, and all checks, money orders, & dead presidents can be mailed to the

Jon Sims Center
1519 Mission Street
San Francisco CA 94103
(with a memo to Sister Spit.)

The Jon Sims Center is a totally rad nonprofit that promotes and supports the work of queer artists. They have generously lent their 501(c)3 status to Sister Spit, so that donations made to us can be a little more beneficial to you. Check out their web page at Jonsimscenter.org