here are the dates and venues for the upcoming 98 sure to check out a show when we come to a town near you, and don't forget to bring your own shit to spit!!

July 1st
Santa Cruz, CA -- Kuumbwa Jazz Center
8pm -- 5 bucks, advanced tix available @ Herland Cafe

July 2nd
Los Angeles, CA
Beyond Baroque

July 3rd
Los Angeles, CA - Little Fireds
Open MIc -- 8pm - 5 bucks

July 4th & 5th
Las Vegas, NV
4th -- Open Mic @ Enigma Cafe
time TBA - 2 bucks
5th -- Double Down Saloon!
8pm - 5 bucks

July 7th
Tucson, AZ

July 9th & 10th
Austin, TX
9th -- Electric Lounge 8 pm, 5 bucks

July 10th
Austin, TX
all girl open mic at Rutamayas

July 11th
Houston, TX
Temp10 -- 8 pm, 5 bucks

July 12th & 13th
New Orleans, LA
12th -- Zeitgeist Experimental Theater
13th -- open mic @ Charlene's - 8 pm, 5 bucks

July 16th
Athens, GA
The Lunch Paper

July 17th
Atlanta, GA -- 2 shows!
all girl open mic at Criminal Records,
followed by a full show TBA!

July 18th
Ashville, NC
Hairspray Club Metro
8 pm, 5 bucks

July 20th
Charlottesville, VA
all girl open mic at Spencers

July 21st
Charlottesville, VA
Tokyo Rose

July 22nd
Washington, DC
Food For Thought,
sponsored by Lammas Books & More

July 23rd & 24th
Philadelphia, PA
23rd - 8pm, William Way Center, 1315 Spruce St. (Spruce and Juniper) $5
24th - all girl open mic, 8pm, William Way Center, $3

July 26th & 27th
New York, NY
26th - P.S. 122
27th - show at Meow Mix - 8 pm, 5 bucks

July 28th
Brooklyn, NY
all girl open mic @ RIsing Cafe
8 pm, 5 bucks

July 29th
Hartford, CT
Gay and Lesbian Community Center

July 30th
Providence, RI
Fort Thunder

Aug. 1st & 2nd
1st - Tower Auditorium at Massachusets College of Art,
a Hanarchy Now Production
2nd - TBA
check for details
or call (617) 629-4727
a Hanarchy Now Production

August 4th & 5th
Provincetown 4th - Euro Cafe
5th - all girl open mic at School House

August 7th
Buffalo, NY

August 8th
Columbus, OH
The Five Cent Decision

August 9th
Chicago, IL
Lounge Ax

August 10th

August 12th
all girl open mic at the O Bar

About the TBAs - It means we may still be looking for a place to perform! If you live in any of these cities and may be able to help set up a show, please email ASAP - we need your help! And, if we¼re coming to your city at all we may need a place to crash! We're surprisingly clean, quiet & conscientious guests (unless you would prefer us to be totally out of control party animals, in which case we can oblige!) so if you have some extra floor space, let us know!

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