Who are we bringing to your town?? Our Fall '98 tour featured lovingly selected survivors from both the '97 and '98 summer excursions who you can still see here under all those kissy-smudge marks on your screen. And now we have a new batch for you! The newly added Fall Tour Part Two: Electric Boogaloo has a line-up of girls the likes of which you haven't seen before! There's a mix of tour alumni and all-new girls so be sure to check out this fabulous new product when she hits your town! Scroll to the bottom of the page to check out the new Spit chicks....

Co-founder and loudmouthed co-host of Sister Spit, Sini Anderson will be hurling word-grenades, delivering the manifesto of the drunken down-and-out, and making your head spin with her blend of humble humor and brutal honesty. Hailing from Chicago, where she was dubbed by Poetry Flash as 'the most powerful spoken word performer since Henry Rollins left the scene,' Sini has performed everywhere from subway stations to the spoken word stage at Lollapalooza. Currently she is doing research for the american artist on how to get the government to pay your rent, fix your teeth, and buy your beer.

Co-founder and hyperactive co-host of Sister Spit, Michelle Tea's stories of young and shameless queer girls hit hard with humor and honesty. Spinning true tales of bad families, tragic love, sex, work, and death rock, Michelle has performed her work all over the country and has had her work printed in a variety of publications, including the magazines Plazm and Outpunk, and the anthologies Virgin Territory (Shar Rednour, ed., A Richard Kasak Book), and Beyond Definition: New Writing From Gay and Lesbian San Francisco (Marci Blackman & Trebor Healy, eds., Manic D Press). She is awaiting publication of her debut novel, The Passionate Mistakes and Intricate Corruption of One Girl in America, due out fall '98 on Semiotext(e).

Next up is super-fabulous butch storyteller Harriet Dodge, whose tough and charming verbiage won critical acclaim and sold-out houses for her debut one-woman show, the multi-media, gender-bending Muddy Little River. She received the 1997 Bay Area Artists Award from New Langton Arts, for her high-energy, schizophrenic follow-up show, From Where I'm Sitting (I Can Almost Reach Your Ass). She is co-owner and co-founder of San Francisco's legendary dyke truckstop, coffeeshop, and cabaret, Red Dora's Bearded Lady, and she is presently hard at work completing By Hook or By Crook, a feature-length screenplay she co-wrote with Tribe 8's Lynn Flipper.

Rising spoken-word superstar Shoshana von Blanckensee, is a sloppy princess poet who lives like a hermit in a rotting castle in Santa Cruz, California. She has seven housemates, one sister, four pairs of shoes, and one little blue typewriter that made a little book called Chloric Acid Cunt. She is a regular performer at Santa Cruz's monthly performance menagerie, Animal Farm, and has also delivered her intelligent, gut-busting gems of genius in San Francisco at K'vetsh, the Paradise Lounge, and the CoCo Club.

Check out Tribe 8 lyricist and lead singer Lynn Breedlove, whose notorious performances both on and off the stage have earned her legions of queergirl admirers and a handful of macho enemies. When not touring the country with her punk rock dykecore band, Lynn is hard at work on her first novel, Godspeed- the rollicking, hilarious and truthful tale of an unemployed speed freak bike messenger in love with a stripper. Lynn is also the owner and operator of the all-girl bike messenger company Lickety Split, and her interests include girls, revolution, chainsaws, jumping out of airplanes, extreme sports, and crutch races.

Starting in third gear!
Veteran of the '97 Roadshow Tara Jepsen, performance artist and writer, will be joining the Northwest tour beginning with the Portland dates and rambling on to the finish with the spit crew. Tara has been carousing around San Francisco for two years now, offering up her work at venues like Red Dora's Bearded Lady, the Coco Club and The Jon Sims Center. She performed her first one-woman show Turtle Heart to sold-out houses at Wise Fool in the Spring of 1998, is the charming chanteuse Pantena for dysfunctional lounge act Hot Oil Treatment, and is currently at work on her second one-woman show.

Special for Seattle!!
Performance poet and spastic storyteller Beth Lisick is author of the recently released book Monkey Girl, a collection of poems and stories covering everything from sadistic orthodontists to gated communities and yuppie pick-up joints. Beth is a veteran of the national poetry slam competitions; has opened for Neil Young, Exene Cervenka, and the late Allen Ginsberg; and is the fabulous frontchick of The Beth Lisick Ordeal, who performed at the 1998 Bay Area Lilith Fair dates.

Special for Olympia!!
Local writer Nomy Lamm, creator of the most fabulous 'zine, I'm So Fucking Beautiful, graces Sister Spit with her presence! Named one of Ms. Magazine's Women of the Year for 1997, you can find Nomy's essay "Playing Dress Up" in the upcoming Seal Press anthology Adios Barbie.

Special for Portland!!
Dynamic diva Sara Seinberg, veteran of the 1997 Roadshow, joins the fall line-up for two especially sassy shows. Creator of the one-woman performance extranaganza, Why Maybe is the Saddest Word I Know, and the co-founder and co-host of San Francisco's monthly queer open mic series K'vetsh, Sara's sweetly cynical and heartbreakingly gritty prose will sweep you off your feet.

I am currently awaiting bios from the new girls of Tour Part Two, but there are a few things I know for sure. Your ever-strident hosts Sini and Michelle will be there. (See above)
Cooper Lee Bombardier and Samuael Topiary of Tour '97 will be on hand, as will the amazing Nomy Lamm, who you may have caught in Portland on the prequel fall tour. Queen of the Open Letter Sarah Gina Jones will be breakin' yer heart with her funny and passionate pleadings, and wild card Tammy Fortin will make you confused as you hoot and holler because if nothing else you know you love her words. The always-poignant Daphne Gottlieb is a new tourgirl, while '98 road veteran Ida Acton will blow your mind with six feet plus of righteous reasons to riot. I'll keep you updated as I get more info, because I do it all for you.

There you have it, the hair-raising ranters and ravers of Sister Spit's Fall '98 Roadshow and her newly discovered evil twin! We would love for your publication to run a story on us! Having some pretty big mouths and a whole lot to say, all of the Spit ladies are available for interviews!

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