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Sister Spit, a non-profit organization, needs your help!

We rely on the kindness of strangers and friends to keep us on the road! Eachtime we set out there are mouths to feed (so they can spit at you without blood sugar problems), gas to buy, emergencies to handle, and most obviously of all, artists who need to pay their rent. Sister Spit artists bring their work to you because they love it, not because of the Fortune 500 lifestyle tour affords them. If any of you lovely arts supporters out there would like to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to help us out, send us an email, or send a check (made out to 'Jon Sims Center' with a memo to Sister Spit) directly to:

The Jon Sims Center
1519 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA
Attention:Sister Spit.

We appreciate any help greatly!

Also, if you'd like to bring us to your town, drop us a line, we love to have new cities to explore. Also, we plan on hosting an open mic in many cities, so plan on bringing some of your own shit to spit!

You can email us at

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