the tour was...a great opportunity to perform and watch my own poems change shape as the landscape shifted... It was the best revolution I ever was a part of and now that I think of it, the only revolution I've ever been part of... It was way better than Woodstock.

...I am finishing my non-fiction novel, Cool for You. I am planning a book, the uncollected poems of Eileen Myles, with a spiritual peach colored cover with maybe a sunrise on it and arabian nights script so it will look like Rumi. I'm yearning for a cd. I hope the universe hears this request!!
a cloud
like a crown

wet trees

as we drove
into the city
Losing Literature
You are the drug right
after the show
we equal out
in the home of it
we're legendary
piles of it
I don't know
flocks of it
the stuff that grows
piles of metal

we move
a cloud
in my face
we were here now
in our sweet car
in the ages
the exit
my partner blinks
nudging truck
wheeooo DC
So the big wheels turn
...hey, close this window and get back to the ladies!!...