Though we are ever-fond of sweating across the country, we always know where to dock the van and hang our bonnets...right here in good old SAN FRANCISCO! We have returned from the Northwest tour, where we peeled out and sassed it up.

If you want to catch us and our dirty undies around town, check out the 2001 Calendar, keep your eyes peeled for a flyer, or check back here...we will be posting shows as they come! ...Thanks!

We're planning to put the weekly open mike back up in fall, gay goddess willing...but we need a space. If you have any ideas or a space please E-MAIL US. And we would like to include all our far-away poet girl friends by reading a piece of YOUR writing each week. So we'll be soliciting poems & rants (no interpretive dance, please) via email or snail mail. Rock on! Start writin' honey!