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bust.com: the new girl order
a cool magazine and a cool site
what else do we need to say?

chainsaw.com: records from olympia
a great list of artists, and the
people who run it kisk ass too!

wigmag.com: women in general magazine
a great place to read cool girl stuff
super nice art and culture too.

kind of fun site with girl stuff
gossip, art, and beauty tips

magazine "for the female mind"


What's Missing from This Picture?

Women of color. We behind the helm here at the Sister Spit tugboat are very aware that the little roadshow we love so much has been a very white-girl affair, and we are aiming for this to be the last year this happens. There is a general lack of women of color involved in the particular SF queer-girl spoken word scene where Sister Spit draws the girls for our cross-country tour, and the result of that is the primarily white-girl crews you see not just on our tour but at our benefits, and even at our old open mic. Concerned girls have come to us about this, and we appreciate their help & direction and urge anyone else who has comments or advice to contact us. We know the problem is an extension of a larger problem - the segregation in both the queer and spoken word communities - but we also know that there are things that Sister Spit can do to bridge that gap. A plan of action is slowly forming, the first & most basic part being to simply get outside our own circles. The Bay Area has tons of open mic & performance events by and for women of color, and we're hoping to get some talent cross-pollination going in the coming year. Also, by starting the open mic up again when we return from the 98 tour, we'll have a chance to meet tons of poet-girls we haven't met yet. We really appreciate any kind of advice you all might have about how to make future Sister Spit more representative of the wicked diverse girl talent found in the Bay Area and beyond.


Have you started an all-girl open mic in your town? Let us know about it, we'd like to start an excellent network of girl performance scenes. And, if you haven't started an open mic in your city, you should!


So we're trying to get some government funding. No shit. To make ourselves look worthy of such funding, and we are, Blanche, we are, we need to prove that we have reached many people. If you have seen a Sister Spit show and it has affected you positively, please E-MAIL US! and tell us about it. You can help make future tours possible, I'm not kidding, we really need the funding for gas, food, emergencies... Thanks a heaping bucket!