As we speak I am plugging away like a dyke-y little Dilbert on the development of this site...
We really want you guys to dig Spitback, so to get you involved, we want you to tell us what's on your mind! I've already received a bunch of work from poet/writer ladies across the country, and I want you guys to keep sending in the clowns! Gather up your spit and E-MAIL US and we will be happy!!

Here's the story morning glory:
To submit work, please include:

1) Your name as you would like it to appear in an alphabetical listing of writers. Remember that your friends, anyone who has seen you perform, and anyone who has seen your name in print will not know all the clever nicknames you can think of for yourself. I'll put up most anything, but remember, it's your career and if no one has seen the work you posted under the pseudonym "Jerkpants", you only have yourself to blame.

2) Tell me if you want your e-mail address posted with your name so readers can get in touch with you.

3) Send a couple of sentences about yourself to be posted with your name. These sentences will ideally entice the viewing audience to check out your work as it will ultimately be in a list of many. ALSO if you have a gif of yourself, send that too. There's no telling when Ford modeling agency will be stopping by to look for new talent.

4) Please rock on!

talk to us!